Our Coast - Our Lifestyle

Project Overview

Burdekin Shire Council has created this website as part of theOur Coast - Our Lifestyle project. This website will help us to engage with local communities and interested stakeholders about the future of our coast.

Through this project, we aim to better understand coastal hazards and how our community values the Burdekin Shire coast.

The Burdekin Shire coastline holds a diversity of landscape features. These include networks of creeks, floodplains, inlets, estuaries, marshes, wetlands, and sandy beaches. The coastal zone supports a range of cultural, economic and environmental values. Traditional Owners, local communities, and visitors all value the coastline.

Coastlines are dynamic and change with every tide and storm event. Naturally occurring wind and wave processes shape the unique landforms of each coastal region. Sometimes, these erosion and storm-tide events have the potential to negatively impact on infrastructure, public safety, and natural assets. When they effect our communities, they become coastal hazards.The area of coast vulnerable to these hazards is expected to increase in the future with a changing climate.

Burdekin Shire Council have commenced the development of the Our Coast - Our Lifestyle project . The project will seek to mitigate the impact of coastal hazards while protecting our region's values and character. The project will run for 12 months throughout 2019 and 2020. As part of this process Council commit to:

  • Engaging with the community to develop a shared understanding of coastal values
  • Holding community workshops where the project team will be available to answer questions about the process
  • Raising awareness about coastal hazard risks, now and in the future
  • Identifying effective and innovative adaption responses to coastal hazards.

LATEST Project Update 4 - November - December 2019

We've recently completed a range of technical studies that will help inform the Our Coast - Our Lifestyle project. You can find out more here in our latest project update. 

NEW Project Update 2 - July - August 2019

Find out how the project team has been engaging with the local community to learn about how you value the coast and what is important to protect.  Read the latest Project Update here.

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  • Phase One

    Plan for life-of-project stakeholder communication and engagement

  • Phase Two

    Scope coastal hazard issues for the area of interest

  • Phase Three

    Identify areas exposed to current and future coastal hazards

  • Phase Four

    Identify key assets potentially impacted

  • Phase Five

    Undertake a risk assessment of key assets in coastal hazard areas

  • Phase Six

    Identify potential adaptation options

  • Phase Seven

    Socio-economic appraisal of adaptation options

  • Phase Eight

    Strategy development, implementation and review

The QCoast2100 Program

The Burdekin Shire Our Coast - Our Lfestyle strategy is being developed with the support of the Queensland Government and Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), as part of the state-wide QCoast2100 program. The project has eight key phases, encompassing a series of studies that seek to:

  • Identify coastal hazard areas (areas prone to coastal erosion and storm tide inundation)
  • Understand vulnerabilities and risks to a range of assets (built and natural assets)
  • Engage with the community to understand preferred approaches to adaptation
  • Determine the costs, priorities and timeframes for implementation of actions.

For more information about the QCoast2100 program CLICK HERE


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